More car shoppers are visiting auto dealership websites prior visiting to the showroom. Be the first to capture potential leads by using the power of LEADS+PAGE1 to attract more customers to your automotive dealership.

LEADS+PAGE1 is a digital marketing platform with a 3 pronged approach to increase your monthly sales.


Connect your customer with your website through our innovative AI technology.

By creating focused landing pages for local SEO and national visibility your business will attract more potential customers.


Capture a large percentage of those visitors’ information including name, email id, and much more.

Get ahead of your competitors by identifying key potential customers first!


Convert the visitors into paying customers with your own customer relationship management tool.

Our LEADS platform will allow your sales and marketing team to directly reach prospects.

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How Are We Different:

Where pixels such as Facebook provide the IP address or cookie behind the visitor, LEADS technology actually identifies the person behind it with all of their contact information. 

The best part: YOU own the data we capture and is available for you to download at any time via API or our export feature to convert fresh LEADS to sales in all of your marketing efforts. The available marketing channels you can use include direct mail, phone, email, SMS/Text, Facebook, and Instagram.

On top of this, you have the freedom to use any marketing tool or agency you’d like to utilize our LEADS technology. There are infinite variations of campaigns you can use.

The Power of PAGE1:

PAGE1 is a hyper-local SEO service exclusive to LEADS customers.

Our technology enables us to deploy leads capture funnel pages at both the hyper-local and national levels to dramatically boost the visibility of your company and brand.

By enabling PAGE1 for your business, our platform will create an almost unlimited number of leads pages exclusive to the target audience and location your business is seeking.

Simply put, PAGE1 allows you to Connect, Capture & Convert more customers.


LOCATIONS: Dallas | Mexico City | Miami | Tulsa | Denver | Las Vegas | Phoenix | New York | Naples

2021 AVH – LEADS + PAGE1